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Shantinique Music & sprortswear Established Nov 13,1975
Barry Beal as founder and driving force. When Barry and Josephine Beal set their sights on being retail entrepreneurs in the winter of 1974, the likelihood that their little "mom and pop" record store would even survive the crucial first three years in business was in no way favorable. The Beals began with a little of nothing. No retail experience. No investment capital. No business plan. Nothing! When asked about those terrifying modest beginnings, the Beals are apt to shake their heads and offer a nervous laughter to avoid giving an answer. However, the answer to your questions are etched in the lines on their faces. The Beals just flat out believed. You get the impression that giving up or not succeeding was not an option Barry and Josephine ever seriously considered. The retail store competition was cut-throat and fierce most of the time. Most stores had to win the commercial retail game by having legions of loyal repeat customers just to remain solvent long enough to meet the demands of the next day's business. It was by no means easy. Barry had to make frequent trips to Angot's records wholesalers on Linwood Ave. to restock hot selling albums and tapes. Fortunately, for consumers here in the metro Detroit area, one independent Black owned and operated retail music outlet is still around. Shantinique Music Inc. has now stood strong through (8) presidents, (6) governors and (7) mayors. The original store at 8620 Harper Ave., actually opened to the public a full three years before the much celebrated Renaissance Center. Barry and Josephine's stores have received numerous gold and platinum records for sales and services from every major and not-so-major record company(s) in the United States including: Sony, Arista, and of course Motown. Aspiring entrepreneurs in Detroit ( or anywhere on Earth) need look no further than 8933 Haper Ave. Detroit,MI to find two people pretty much like themselves to serve as a source of inspiration and genuine business role models for the next hundred years. 


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President Barry Beal

Team member

Josephine Beal


Barry Beal chilling with Ms.Jackson


Scarface and the Ghetto Boys visiting Shantinique Music

Lupe Fiasco

Lining up for blocks to meet Lupe Fiasco 


Release of Promise to Love Giving back to the community celebration in the park


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